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Once you have completed your application or quote request with your business details we will provide you with a fee proposal that can be accepted online. Broadly the steps involved include:

Document Review: The Document Review can be completed at your office. However, it’s usually completed at our office by your Lead Auditor so that disruption to you is kept low. The Document Review determines if your management system meets all requirements of the standard. You will receive a report that will outline any gaps to enable you to take action prior to your certification audit.

Certification Audit: The Certification Audit is conducted shortly after the Document Review at your office and work sites. However, time will be allowed for you to implement any action resulting from the Document Review. The on-site Certification Audit is to verify that you are doing what your management system says you do. It’s an audit to check that you’ve implemented your management system within your business.

Congratulations: Once the Certification audit has been completed and your auditor has recommended you for certification – you will be issued with a certificate and relevant logo(s).

Surveillance Audits: We will conduct Surveillance Audits at your office to check the ongoing implementation of your management system across your business; surveillance audits are conducted either every 6, 9 or 12 months following your certification assessment. This is also an opportunity to follow up on areas for improvement.


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