NDIS Certification

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was established to improve the quality and safety of NDIS participants.

The scheme covers NDIS participants, service providers, workers, and the community to implement a nationally consistent approach so that, across Australia, participants can access services and supports that promote choice, control, and dignity.


Why NDIS certification?

If you want to be a registered service provider to NDIS participants then you need to ensure you are verified/certified. The NDIS Practice Standards specify the quality standards are to be met by registered NDIS providers to provide support and services to NDIS participants.

What is NDIS certification?

It is the process of undertaking independent third party audits against the applicable NDIS Practice Standards and Quality Indicators. These audits are to be undertaken by a JAS-ANZ approved certification body such as Sustainable Certification™.

How to get NDIS certification.

Is to complete an online application on the commission’s website (https://www.ndiscommission.gov.au/), with the following details

  1. Organisation Details
    • your organization’s contact details
    • your corporate structure
    • your outlets/places of operation, and
    • your key personnel
  2. Select the registration groups, your organisation provides.
  3. Complete a self-assessment against the NDIS Practice Standards


Once submitted, the commission will send you an “Initial scope of audit” document. This is the starting point in the verification/certification journey.

You are required to apply to Sustainable Certification™ for an obligation free quote, you can request the quote either via our website obligation free quote or via telephone at 1800 024 940

Using our website you can upload your “Initial scope of audit” document for us to prepare a quotation for the services required. Once this is received our friendly dedicated account manager will get in touch with you to introduce ourselves and explain to you what is involved in the verification/certification process.

You will have several opportunities to clarify what is in the fee proposal and the services we provide. We encourage you to review our testimonials from our clients and why above 98% of our customers are extremely happy with our services.

Our commitment :

We have a host of competent auditors to choose from to match your profile to ensure maximum impact from the audits. Once you accept the fee proposal we will start the audit scheduling process, you will receive a formal audit plan for your consideration. You will find our 24×7 online portal very easy to navigate and extremely useful in keeping in touch.

Scheduling the Audits.

When you first received the “Initial scope of audit” the commission will have stipulated the type of audit for you to undertake. Essentially there are two pathways.

1. Verification pathway

 This is essentially a desktop audit and mostly covers low-risk service providers. An initial Audit will take place once we can agree on a date. The second “recertification audit” will take place about 30 months after the first audit. Click here to view the items that will be covered during the audit:

Risk management
Complaints management and resolution
Incident management
Human resource management


2. Certification pathway. To be completed in two stages.

Stage 1 is a desktop audit and the auditor will want to ensure there is a documented system in place and Stage 2 will ensure implementation. Click here to view the requirements the auditor will cover during these audits.


Rights of participants and responsibilities of providers

Standards relating to the rights of participants and the responsibilities of providers

Person centred supports

Individual values and beliefs

Privacy and dignity

Independence and informed choice

Freedom from violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation or discrimination

Provider governance and operational management

Standards relating to provider governance and operational management

Governance and operational management

Risk management

Quality management

Information management

Complaints management and resolution

Incident management

Once completed the auditor will submit the report to the commission for final approval.

Human resource management

Continuity of supports

Provision of supports

Standards relating to the provision of supports to participants

Access to supports

Support planning

Service agreements

Responsive support provision

Transitions to and from a provider

Support provision environment

Standards relating to the provision of supports to participants

Safe environment

Participant money and property

Medication management

Waste management

Benefits To Your Business through NDIS certification.

 Receive independent verification/certification of your organization’s business processes and their effectiveness by quality auditors from Sustainable Certification™.

 Audit reports will highlight areas of compliance and where it does not meet requirements. The audit report will help you with your process improvement journey towards a process matured organisation.

 You will find our Auditors are committed to helping you deliver progress towards your goals.

 You can declare to NDIS participants that you care about them giving them confidence that you are certified by a reputable certification body Sustainable Certification™.

 You will find dealing with Sustainable very refreshing and reassuring. We are a boutique certification body and understand the challenges of small and medium organisations. You will find us flexible and responsive. We have experienced auditors to cater to large and small organisations and with varying complexities.

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