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Worker Consultation and Participation Under ISO 45001

Under ISO 45001 leading to Sustainable Certification, the most important aspects preside within the premises of worker consultation & participation. But what exactly are those and why do they matter? In premise, participation refers to the worker’s involvement in...

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Understanding the NDIS Audit Process

 The NDIS auditing process can certainly provide its challenges with lots of uncertainty With the right experience, Our auditors assist make the process smooth and easier for you to provide a comprehensive and compliant audit report based on your requirements...

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Preparing for ISO 9001 2015 – An Auditor’s Perspective

You may have considered pursuing ISO 9001 certification for your business, but found the process daunting or confusing. You may have had a number of questions: How long is this whole process going to take? What documentation will we need? When will I see results? Join...

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