The NDIS auditing process can certainly provide its challenges with lots of uncertainty

With the right experience, Our auditors assist make the process smooth and easier for you to provide a comprehensive and compliant audit report based on your requirements established by the NDIS Commission.

Given Sustainable Certification reputation in providing a reliable, timely, flexible and high quality service, as we embark to provide NDIS certification we look forward to continuing to ensure our clients come first.

With teams located throughout Australia, Sustainable Certification Pty Ltd can ensure a diversity of knowledge and resources necessary for your organisational needs.  Our Auditors are trained to ensure they understand the core pain points of your organisation and help you understand the key areas for improvement to help your business achieve its goals.

Police checks, Working with Children check, peer reviews and witness audits all form part of the overall process.

Our Auditors’ Experience

All NDIS auditors at Sustainable Certification Pty Ltd undergo vigorous NDIS Auditor Training delivered by the NDIS Commission’s training partner. Our Auditors have the right blend of

To provide the best service and quality of audit for your organisation, our auditors work closely with their Service Delivery leaders (who are auditors themselves) and go through continual training and professional development to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest information and industry standards.

All auditors must comply with Sustainable Certification Policies and Standard operating procedures; including compliance with requirements for staff training and competency.

How Auditors Are Allocated

To ensure our auditors are competent in auditing against the NDIS Practice Standards, NDIS registration groups and specific NDIS Practice Standards Modules, we assess their competency and, if competent, allocate the Standard and specific codes to our auditors.

The Audit Process

There are three critical components that must be met for Sustainable Certification to undertake an audit:

  1. We must be able to access all relevant documentation such as system policies and procedures
  2. We must be able to access relevant participant files
  3. Must be able to interview participants and other staff as and when required

To find out more please contact Sustainable Certification on or 1800 024 940